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September 29, 2004



I am disturbed by an article that incorrectly bases it's argument on the assumption that we are a democracy, when in fact we have never been one. We have always been a representative republic, with the exception of electing govenors and local city and county representatives. The reason for this is because the reach of the federal government was supposed to be and should be general and limited to serve and protect our common needs as Americans while leaving the important decision making power to the state and local officials. Over the years, socialistic views of federal power has usurped the rights of detailed and necessary governing of states and local municipalities; as evidenced by the vast diversity in environmental needs from state to state that socialistic organizations demand federal authority over. How can the Federal governmant determine a national policy for one state with a bay watershed and others with great plains, totally different needs? The electoral college protects less populous states from being overrun by urban, populous states trying to federalize urban needs, which is not the job or responsibility of federal government. Serve and protect. Read the constitution; Take a civics lessen, better yet, attend the fabulous citizenship classes our immigrants take to become citizens as my neighbors have. One is voting for the 1st time as a new citizen, not for my guy, and I'm peoud of him. His wife is taking her citizenship test and they have command of our constitution and a great respect for it.

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